HKH Kronprinsessen tale ved indvielse af Langkær Gymnasium 7/9-2011

Offentliggjort torsdag d. 8. september 2011

I’m delighted to be here today for the official inauguration of the very first International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Aarhus.

It is a great opportunity for Aarhus to strengthen its focus on international education, as the city is now able to offer, to both foreign and Danish students the entire educational system in English; from primary school to high school, and all the way through university. 

By increasing its’ international outlook Aarhus will enhance the city’s platform and vision, and the profile it is striving to achieve. The local community will benefit from active, enthusiastic young minds which in turn will strengthen the breadth and spirit of the community.

As for the school itself, Langkaer Gymnasium and HF, IB World School is an educational institution represented by a culturally diverse student and teacher population. The school represents 39 different nationalities and approximately 30 per cent of the pupils are Danish with a different ethnic background.

The international focus is further strengthened through participation in the Global High Schools Project, where the school actively strives to obtain global perspectives in its everyday teaching. Langkaer Gymnasium has already tied international bonds with partner schools in Egypt, India, Singapore and the United States.

These partnerships are essential for exchange of knowledge, and it is interesting to see how teaching beyond boarders makes the world seem smaller. With international outreach the world becomes more accessible to each individual student. The world becomes a classroom and the students become global citizens.

There is no doubt that education is more important than ever – not only because of the knowledge one can obtain about specific subjects, but also because it provides insight into other cultures and a greater understanding of different ways of life.

Internationalization and intercultural understanding is obviously very important in a globalized world. The ability to understand and appreciate other cultures is linked to success and creates societies with open and more tolerant minds.

Dear Students, being part of the IB Diploma Programme is a great opportunity.  As international students you will be encouraged to strive and learn in an environment where immense knowledge is at your disposal.  With hard work and dedication, you will emerge three years later as intelligent thinkers and communicators, ready to embark on the next stages of your lives. With the IB Diploma Programme in your hand, you can gain access to leading universities around the world.

As new pre-IB and IB-students you will meet and become acquainted with many different cultures within the same classroom which is not only inspirational but, it will also give you admirable and sought after skills and qualities. These benefits will follow you for the rest of your academic, professional and personal lives   a remarkable gift for those who are willing and wish to make the effort.

By the end of your time here at Langkaer Gymnasium you will be able to understand the world free from ethnocentric views and you will be prepared to go out in to the world knowing that you are well qualified, and that you have obtained an integrated culturally neutral approach to the challenges you will face later in life.

I therefore wish the city of Aarhus, Langkær Gymnasium and in particular you as international students all the best of luck. With these words, I officially open the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Langkaer Gymnasium.

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