Speech at the Lunch at Healthcare Innovation Roundtable, Mexico, November 13, 2013

Offentliggjort den 21. november 2013

Your excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. 

I hope this morning’s discussions have been inspiring and constructive. Our time here in Mexico has been as such.  

We have been looking forward to this opportunity to meet with key players within the Mexican Healthcare sector and hear about some of the innovative solutions, opportunities and challenges that have been explored this morning in respect to the future collaboration between our two countries.

As patron of the public-private partnership Healthcare Denmark, I am very pleased that Mexico and Denmark have agreed to establish a formalised cooperation to improve the healthcare and ultimately the quality of life of our citizens. While Mexico and Denmark differ in many ways, we face similar challenges and have much to learn from each other.

The purpose of Healthcare Denmark is to link Danish and international stakeholders within healthcare. There is a need for rethinking healthcare globally in order to meet the challenges of the healthcare sector in the years to come. New methods of treatment, new technology and new possibilities are part of the world of tomorrow. 

In Denmark, we are facing many of the challenges also seen in other parts of the world: An aging population, an increase in non-communicable diseases. And the challenge of ensuring high quality healthcare for all citizens, regardless of where they live; whether they live in cities or rural areas.

With an innovative approach, we can meet these challenges. 

After careful planning, Denmark is beginning the transformation of the Danish healthcare system, in order to provide sustainable, efficient and high quality healthcare for all citizens.

This transformation involves building new super hospitals, which are being built to meet the challenges of tomorrow whilst meeting the needs of today. In the building and design of these super hospitals the focus is on putting the patient at the centre – which is the essence of the Danish approach to healthcare. We call it “user driven design” and “user driven innovation” and this approach has attracted much international interest.

Danish technology, products and expertise can contribute positively to global health issues. We do not have all the answers, but we strive with an open mind to find new, efficient solutions. One example is telemedical solutions (which I’m sure has been discussed this morning) as an integral part of an efficient healthcare system to the benefit of the patients and healthcare professionals.

As part of the Danish healthcare transformation, we are further integrating healthcare and our social and welfare services. This opens up new opportunities especially with respect to; rehabilitation, telemedicine and ambient assisted living. Danish companies are already implementing and exporting advanced products and solutions, which can help chronically ill or elderly citizens to a better quality of life in their own homes.

Medicinal products are among Denmark’s largest exports and constitute about 10 per cent of the total Danish export. This position has been obtained through many years of research and incremental innovation. Our pharmaceutical companies have cooperated with Danish hospitals and universities to innovate new and safe medicine. 

The recent establishment of a national Danish bio bank and a plan to increase the use of demographic healthcare data for future research will contribute to new medicinal products, to the benefit of patients all over the world.

The longstanding global presence of Danish companies in the health sector has shown us that our healthcare technology and solutions generate value internationally. Our ideas and products are used every day worldwide; in ambulances, general practice and in hospitals. 

We are more than willing and happy to share our knowledge and experience and at the same time learn from other healthcare innovators.

With these words, I would like to propose a toast, celebrating the Memorandum of Understanding on healthcare between Mexico and Denmark, and for an even stronger cooperation that will bring better health and quality of life to the citizens of both our nations.  


Muchísimas gracias.

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