Speech by HRH the Crown Princess at the event ‘Growth and Global Talents’ with the Consortium for Global Talent

Offentliggjort onsdag d. 12. oktober 2011

Ministers, Lord Mayor, Distinguished guest, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Consortium for Global Talent focuses on attracting and retaining global talent here in Denmark. An initiative that I, like all of you, am very excited about and one that the Crown Prince and I look forward to supporting. With so many large companies represented here today, it clearly illustrates the importance of the consortium's work.

Attraction and retention of foreign skilled professionals in Denmark is of paramount importance not only to Danish businesses but to Denmark as a nation.

The fact that 19 of the largest Danish and Danish based international corporations have joined together to address this common issue is exceptional, in a European context. Exceptional – because it is, not so often, that we see large companies joining together to achieve a common goal – that is, to improve the situation in Denmark for foreign skilled professionals.

Such an important initiative actually does not exist in the rest of Europe. Therefore the Consortium for Global Talent is somewhat of a pioneer in setting the global agenda of tomorrow.

The companies represented here today all operate internationally. As such, a substantial number of their employees are skilled foreign specialists working within many different fields of knowledge and expertise. These employees contribute significantly not only to the productivity of the company but, also to the economic growth in Denmark. This is just one of the reasons we need to expand the Danish talent pool with international talent.

The competition for attracting and retaining talent is getting tougher. As a result, we are seeing countries dramatically increasing their focus and efforts on securing the best people from all over the world. They know that that is the key to ensuring the economic growth and prosperity of their businesses and countries.

At the same time, we are seeing an interesting development in how people – professionals as well as students – are no longer recognising national borders as boundaries for career and personal development.

The global workforce is becoming more and more versatile. Consequently, businesses’ are looking to new and innovative strategies and methods to attract the right talent and to make it more efficient and easier for ‘that talent’ to quickly become a productive member of the company.

However, for the move to be truly successful it also demands understanding and effort from the individual. It is important that the newcomer is prepared for the move; the challenge of meeting a different culture and a new way of living and working.

It is also important the country itself is well prepared. In order for the country to succeed in attracting and retaining skilled foreigners, a number of prerequisites need to be addressed.

First and foremost, it is essential that expectations of a new job and a new life are in-line with reality and that open, factual information about what the country can offer, is readily available.

And Denmark has a lot to offer, for example:

- Large global and successful companies with exciting jobs and career   opportunities,
- good universities and international schools,
- a well-functioning infrastructure,
- efficient public authorities,
- personal safety,
- social networks,
- good possibilities for a balanced work–family life, 
- Cities that offer a wide variety of cultural activities and many local sports unions and volunteer organisations.
And last, but not least;
- a green environment

These are just some of the reasons why skilled foreign individuals have chosen or are choosing Denmark as a place to work and live. So, Denmark has a solid platform to attract and retain global talent. We all know that Denmark is an attractive place to live and work and that the Danish business community and universities are prepared to welcome skilled foreign professionals and committed students from abroad.

Strengthening Denmark’s position internationally, welcoming foreign professionals and students from all over the world to support growth for our businesses and country, as well as making their time here memorable both professionally and privately is a worthy task.
It is necessary that efforts are focused both nationally and internationally. The Consortium’s ambitions are challenging, they require strong commitment, the collaboration and involvement of many people and constant action.

I wish you the clarity of vision, the wisdom of experience, the strength of being part of a group in achieving the Consortium’s goal to improve Denmark’s ability to compete, for global talent on the world stage.

Thank you.

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