Tale ved åbningen af ’Hospital+ Innovation Conference’ i Odense, den 30. september 2013

Offentliggjort den 30. september 2013

Good morning,

And let me start be welcoming you all to Denmark, to Odense the home-town of Hans Christian Andersen and to this very important conference. You are gathered here to focus on and discuss new ways of providing healthcare. Basically, this is what the conference Hospital+ Innovation is all about.

I, as I imagine most of you, view healthcare as a multi-faceted concept. And when talking about the future of healthcare, the world of tomorrow will be one of new methods of treatment, new technology and new settings.

In this new reality, healthcare cannot be just another off-the-shelf commodity. It must be multi-faceted and adapted to what the current demands are.

This conference, among other things, builds on the need for rethinking healthcare globally in order to meet the challenges facing the healthcare sector in the years to come.

In Denmark, we are also facing many of the same global challenges, such as; an aging population and an increase in the number of people suffering from chronic diseases.  With an innovative approach, we can meet these challenges.

Building construction is higher than ever in Denmark, also here in the Region of Southern Denmark. In the not too distant future, new super hospitals will be ready to receive their first patients.

These super hospitals are being built to meet the challenges of tomorrow whilst meeting the needs of today.

In Denmark, we are known for and focused on putting the patient in the centre when we design new solutions, reorganise and adjust to fit in a new framework.

Last year, I had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand when I visited the newly renovated and updated paediatric unit at Kolding Hospital.

One part of this process was the decoration of the unit. And today, children come into a welcoming, warm and nature inspired environment that has been created just for them. It is literally like ‘a walk in a forest’. The forest theme was chosen because it is a theme all children can relate to and Kolding Hospital is situated on the edge of a forest – so in a way it is bringing the outside in.

An essential element of the entire process was to involve, the staff, relatives and of course, the children.

The new paediatric unit; is a ‘children’s unit designed by children for children’.

Denmark is an innovative nation and Danish technology, products and expertise can have a positive influence on global health.

We do not have all the answers but, we have come a long way. For example, in relation to telemedical solutions. When talking about healthcare, a computer, electronic measuring equipment and a webcam for many may seem cold, distant and sometimes difficult to understand.  However, these devices are part of the solution in healthcare of the future.

Danish solutions are not just for Danes. Our global presence through many years has shown us that our healthcare technology and solutions also generate value internationally. Danish ideas and products are used every day; in ambulances, general practice and hospitals all over the world.

And we want to share our knowledge and experience and at the same time learn from other healthcare innovators.

The public-private cooperation founded on Healthcare DENMARK is precisely what the name suggests: a way of cooperating for the common good.

Healthcare DENMARK is a common platform created to establish a coherent and comprehensive account of Danish competencies within healthcare. Its objective is to bring key Danish players in the healthcare sector together with their international colleagues.

I accepted to become patron of Healthcare DENMARK because;

I believe that Denmark can contribute positively to meeting the global healthcare challenges.

It is important that we share our knowledge, knowhow and competencies at a global level
And that it will be to the benefit of hospitals and patients worldwide. 

I hope that the coming days will inspire, excite, motivate and see the formation of new partnerships and friendships. Together, you can shape the course for the healthcare standards of the future that will be to the benefit of the individual.

Thank you.

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