Accreditation for HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Consorts Garden Party 19 June

On 19 June 2012 from 3.30 pm – 6.00 pm HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Consort are hosting a garden party to honour voluntary work in Demark.

Among the people invited are two representatives selected by the municipalities for their hard work as well as representatives from a number of volunteer organisations and associations, and well-known personages who stand out because of their volunteer work. 

At the garden party The Queen and The Prince Consort, The Crown Prince Couple, TRH Prince Joachim and Princess Marie as well as HRH Princess Benedikte will be attending. 

To apply for press accreditation and pool seats, please send an e-mail to kom@kongehuset

.dk before 11 June at 12.00 pm.  

The pool seats will be shared among members of the press on a pool committee meeting at IPC on 13 June. At this meeting, information regarding accreditation will also be provided to you by the The Royal Court's communications office. 

Pool 1
Location of the press: by the entrance to the Orangery’s garden (25 people). 
2.30pm – 3.30pm: The guests arrive to the Orangery’s garden from the castle’s square. 

Pool 2A
Location of the press: by the fountain in the Orangery’s garden (8 photographers).
4.00 pm: The Queen, The Prince Consort and the rest of The Royal Family arrive at the Orangery’s garden from the private garden.

Pool 2B
Location of the press: selected positions in the Orangery’s garden (4 photographers from pool 2A). The Royal Family will walk among the guests. 

Published June 6, 2012

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