Accreditation for The Crown Prince Couple's official visit in Poland

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince and Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess pay an official visit in Poland’s capital, Warsaw, and in the port city of Stettin from 12-14 May 2014.

The programme
In both cities, the Crown Prince Couple will participate in a number of trade initiatives focused on Danish businesses.
In Warsaw, there will, among other things, be a meeting with Polish President Bronisław Komorowskisamt, and the Crown Prince Couple will also pay a visit at Poland’s Freedom Museum. In addition, The Crown Princess will visit The Danish Institute of Culture and participate in a showing of Danish films for children and young people in connection with a children’s festival.

In Stettin, the Crown Prince Couple will, among other things, meet with a number of Danish businesses and participate in activities promoting Danish solutions in the area of renewable energy. The visit concludes with a reception on the Danish frigate Niels Juel.

Poland as a market for Danish businesses
Poland is the most important export market for Denmark in Central and Eastern Europe. Since Poland became a member of the EU in 2004, the country has had a very positive economic development, which makes Poland an increasingly interesting market for Danish businesses. According to the latest forecast from The Trade Council, it is expected that exports of Danish goods to Poland will double by 2020.

The five selected areas the promotional campaign focuses on all have great potential for Danish trade.

Further development of Poland’s energy and environment sector is a national priority that will help make supplies more secure and make the utilization of resources more efficient at competitive prices. The visit focuses on the Polish need for development of sustainable energy and energy efficiency, as well as generally on the effective management of water resources and waste management.

With Poland’s positive development, there’s a growing need for development of health and welfare services. Contributing to the growing demands from the Polish population is a significant demographic development, which in the future will increase the burden on service providers. Denmark and Danish companies are well advanced with models, structures and technological solutions within the health sector – solutions that Poland looks at with great interest.

Poland is also an interesting market seen from a fashion and design viewpoint. The rapidly growing middle class has created demand for Danish quality products, in which the clean Nordic lines and Denmark as the country of origin are seen as a positive part of the story. The opportunities for sales of foodstuffs are also affected positively by the growing prosperity and, of course, the market’s size of nearly 40 million inhabitants.

The Polish defence is undergoing modernisation, and the government has earmarked 253 billion kroner for the defence until 2020. In this process, Danish companies could bring top-level expertise and international experiences to the table.

Published April 14, 2014

Press travel and accreditation:
Interested media are asked to fill out the attached form and send it to the Foreign Ministry’s press unit with a copy to by 22 April 2014 at the latest.

The travel agency BCD Travel will be responsible for hotel reservations, air travel and local transport, if that is desired. Travel presentations from BCD can be requested.

Detailed information about accreditation and the press programme will follow later.

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