From 25 – 28 October, The Crown Prince Couple will pay a visit to Sydney, Australia as patrons of the 40th anniversary celebration for the Sydney Opera House. In connection with the celebration, The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess will preside over the award ceremony for The Crown Prince Couple’s Prizes 2013.

Central to the visit is the Opera House’s 40th anniversary celebration, which has its starting point in the building’s Danish roots and focuses on new generations and talent via cultural events that include the participation of Danish and Australian artists, architects and designers. On the same occasion, The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess will preside over the presentation of The Crown Prince Couple’s Prizes 2013 during a large-scale TV show, which will take place in the Sydney Opera House.

The Crown Prince Couple’s Prizes 2013
In the Opera House on 28 October, The Crown Prince Couple will give out the four prizes: The Crown Prince Couple’s Culture Prize and The Crown Prince Couple’s Social Prize, each worth 500,000 Danish kroner, and two cultural “Stardust” prizes of 50,000 kroner each. Danish and Australian artists will appear during the awards ceremony, which can be followed in Denmark on DR1 and in Australia on the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). The following days, the Danish artists can be seen in venues around Sydney.

Danish design exhibition and architecture symposium
In connection with the 40th anniversary, a large Danish design exhibition, “Danish Design at the House”, and an international architecture symposium, “Architecture Makes the City”, will be presented at the Sydney Opera House. “Danish Design at the House” is an integrated exhibition of Danish architects, designers and other Danish cultural professionals, and is included as part of the Sydney Architecture Festival.
At “Architecture Makes the City”, the Danish Agency for Culture and the Sydney Opera House have invited Danish and Australian designers to discuss the challenges of the future, with the starting point in Danish architect Jørn Utzon’s masterwork. The symposium will be held on 25 October 2013 at the Opera House.
In addition, the Danish Architecture Centre and the Utzon Center, in cooperation with the Sydney Opera House, will produce a direct live stream from the Opera House to Danish school children. 

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The anniversary celebration is initiated by the Sydney Opera House with the Danish Agency for Culture, the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Architecture Centre, DR, The Bikuben Foundation, SBS (Special Broadcasting Service), Denmark’s Embassy in Australia and the Royal Danish Consulate-General in Sydney as cooperating partners.

The celebration is primarily funded by the Sydney Opera House. In connection with the cultural events with Danish artists and curators, the Danish Agency for Culture is contributing 500,000 kr. and the Danish Arts Foundation is contributing 300,000 kr. The Bikuben Foundation has funded The Crown Prince Couple’s Prize for 9 years in a row. Four prizes totalling 1.1 million kr. are awarded. DR, The Bikuben Foundation and SBS are sharing the cost of the TV show that will present The Crown Prince Couple’s Prizes from the Sydney Opera House.

Published August 27, 2013

Press travel and accreditation:
Interested media are asked to fill out the attached form and send it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ press unit at and a copy to by 16.00 on 2 September at the latest.

The travel agency Vejle Rejser will be in charge of hotel reservations, air travel bookings and local transport. Travel presentations from Vejle Rejser can be requested soon.

Journalists will be required to have a temporary work visa when entering Australia.
Download form here.

Detailed information about accreditation and the press programme will follow later.

Further information concerning the visit and the individual elements of the programme can be directed to:

The Royal Danish House
Lene Balleby, Communications and Press Secretary, tel: 3340 2529

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Maria Westh, journalist, press unit, tel: 5077 8664, 

Vejle Rejser
René Førgaard, group sales manager, tel: 7642 9977, 

Danish Agency for Culture
Søren Staun, consultant, international press, tel: 3374 5035, 

The Bikuben Foundation
Trine Gammelgaard, communications chief, tel: 6091 9678, 

Anne Sofie Christensen, DR Communication and Press, tel: 5120 3838, e-mail:

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