HRH The Crown Princess visits Estonia

HRH The Crown Princess, together with The Mary Foundation and Red Barnet (Save the Children Denmark), visits Free of Bullying in Estonia on 1-2 April 2014. During the visit, The Crown Princess will also open The Danish King’s Garden in Tallinn.

The anti-bullying programme is now spread out to more than half of the kindergartens in Estonia, and on 1-2 April, The Crown Princess travels to Estonia to see the work with Free of Bullying in Estonian kindergartens and schools. 

During the visit, The Crown Princess will meet Estonian partners, who will tell about their experiences in establishing and disseminating Free of Bullying in Estonia. The Crown Princess will have the opportunity to experience the programme in practice. In addition, The Crown Princess will focus on children and bullying by opening the Estonian conference Bully-free Education.

During her visit, The Crown Princess will, among other things, also open The Danish King’s Garden together with Tallinn’s mayor. The garden was renovated in 2013 with support from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik’s Foundation and the A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation for General Purposes. The opening is a demonstration of the good connections between Denmark and Estonia that have characterized the bilateral relationship since Estonia regained its independence in 1991.

Lene Balleby
Communications and Press Secretary

Published March 7, 2014

Registration for accreditation for the trip must occur, at the latest, by 12.00 on Tuesday, 25 March by sending an e-mail with your name, media affiliation, title, CPR number and contact information to Information Officer Kirke Torpan, the Danish Embassy in Estonia, e-mail

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