Exchange of museum curators between Denmark and Chile

<p>Arkivfoto: Udsnit af udstilling på Nationalmuseet. </p>

The Crown Prince Couple pay a visit to Chile’s cultural agency today to witness the signing of a Danish-Chilean agreement on the exchange of museum curators.

The agreement is being signed at Dirección de Bibliotecas Archivos y Museos, Chile’s cultural agency, and is the starting signal for an exchange between Danish and Chilean museum curators. The agreement will be signed from the Chilean side by cultural agency director Magdalena Krebs and from the Danish side by Anne Mette Rahbæk Warburg of the Danish Agency for Culture.

The goal of the exchange programme is to strengthen and develop professional cultural exchange in the museum field and to allow for knowledge sharing between Chilean and Danish museums.

Among other things, the agreement involves the exchange of five Danish and five Chilean museum curators in 2013-2014 for a two-week period, and translation of the Danish textbook  "Dialogue-based Teaching", which sheds light on how the educational activities of museums can contribute to the development of citizenship skills.

The event takes place in connection with The Crown Prince Couple’s official visit to Chile. Read more.

Published March 13, 2013

Read more about the agreement on the exchange of museum curators on the Danish Agency for Culture’s website.

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