Grow Abroad 2012

Prins Joachim i markerne ved Møgeltønder.
Prins Joachim i markerne ved Møgeltønder.

On 20 August 2012, H.R.H. Prince Joachim will take part in the opening of Grow Abroad 2012 – an international conference for organisations that work with exchanges of young people in agriculture.

At the conference, 50 foreign participants from North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia will meet to develop opportunities for young farmers to go on exchanges around the world and thus learn new things about language, culture and other approaches to work with farming, animals and nature. 

Prince Joachim, who himself has been an agriculture student in Australia, considers exchange programs to be inestimably important to the quality of agricultural education and thus the industry’s development in the longer term.

The host for the conference is Travel to Farm, the shared exchange branch of Danish agricultural organisations. In connection with the opening, Travel to Farm marks its 100th anniversary.

Behind Travel to Farm stand Danish Agricultural Schools, Danish Young Farmers, the Danish Agronomists Association, and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

The conference will be held in Copenhagen. 

Published August 19, 2012

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