HM The Queen participates in symposium on Greenland research

<p>H.M. Dronningen i Niaqornat, Grønland i 2011. </p>

Thursday 04 October at 14.00, HM The Queen participates in a symposium on Greenland research at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences.

On the occasion of The Queen’s 40th jubilee, the Academy of Sciences has published the memorial volume “Greenland’s Fascination – Narratives about Polar Research”. 

The Greenland theme was chosen in light of the Royal Danish House’s engagement in Greenland. Members of the Academy of Sciences – researchers within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities - contribute various expositions of research related to Greenland.

At the symposium, four of the authors - Minik Rosing, Lars Jørgensen, Jens-Christian Svenning and Kirsten Hastrup – will present selected topics from the wide field of Greenland research and tell about their scientific work in relation to the creation of the memorial volume.  

The Queen is the patron of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences. 

Published October 4, 2012

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