HRH Princess Marie visits Kenya and South Africa

<p>H.K.H. Prinsessen Marie.</p>

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assessed the foreign and security policy considerations around the time in which Princess Marie’s trip to Kenya with the Danish AIDS Foundation was planned to occur, and it has, on this basis, advised The Royal Danish House to avoid travel to Kenya during that period. The AIDS Foundation has decided to cancel the planned Kenya and South Africa trip, which is expected to be carried out at a later date.

News published 8 July 2013:
HRH Princess Marie, in her role as patron of AIDS-Fondet, visits Kenya and South Africa from 10 – 13 September 2013.

The goal of the visit is to focus on the projects supported by the Danish AIDS Foundation to combat HIV infection and AIDS in developing countries, including research into new methods of preventing HIV infection and help for female sex workers in Nairobi’s slum area. The Princess will be accompanied by the AIDS-Fondet’s director, Henriette Laursen, on the trip.

During the trip, The Princess will visit two non-profit research centres: one in Kenya where there is research into the development of an HIV vaccine, and another in South Africa where there is research into the development of a so-called microbicide, which is a method controlled by women to prevent HIV infection.  During the visit, The Princess will meet with local researchers, health care workers and volunteers and get insight into how the research contributes to growth, workplaces and the development of the health care system. In addition, The Princess will meet some of the population groups hit hardest by HIV and AIDS.

In Kenya, The Princess also visits AIDS-Fondet’s partner organization, which helps female sex workers in Nairobi’s slum area. The women have a high risk for HIV infection and AIDS, and AIDS-Fondet supports the women with interest-free microcredit, education and capacity-building. The Princess will meet HIV-infected women who have gotten help to start a business as an alternative to prostitution as well as young girls being trained as hairdressers. 

Published July 8, 2013

Africa south of the Sahara is the region of the world hardest hit by HIV infection and AIDS. Despite the fact that fewer are now infected by HIV, 1.8 million people are still infected by the virus every year in southern Africa and 1.2 million people die of AIDS. 

Read more on AIDS-Fondet’s website

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