HRH The Crown Prince is patron for KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup

<p>Windsurf World Cup i Klitmøller 2010.</p>

HRH The Crown Prince will be the patron for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup in wave performance windsurfing at Klitmøller. The event takes place 16 – 22 September 2013.

It is the fourth time that Klitmøller - along the shore of Ørhage outside of town - is the setting for KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. At KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, 32 of the world’s best surfers meet up.

In 2011, The Crown Prince opened the town’s waterfront including a beach promenade and Hummerhuset (“The Lobster House” – a clubhouse), which daily houses, among others, the NASA (North Atlantic Surf Association) Surf Club.

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is presented by City Lift A/S and ThyMors HF & VUC in cooperation with the Thisted Municipality, Sport Event Denmark, LAG ThyMors, Visit Nordjylland, Feriepartner Thy, Sparekassen Thy, Gripsign and Spar Klitmøller.

The event recurs annually and has taken place since 2010.

Published June 28, 2013


Chairman for Friends of Cold Hawaii - Finn Jorsal, tel. 22 10 34 87.

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