HRH The Crown Princess visits "Danish" children's library

<p>Arkivfoto: Udsnit af børnebøger.</p>

HRH The Crown Princess today visits the "Danish" children’s library Libro Alegre in connection with The Crown Prince Couple’s official visit to Chile.

The Crown Princess and a class from a Chilean secondary school visit the volunteer-run children’s library, which is led by the retired Danish school teacher Anne Hansen. The children’s library is located in the port city of Valparaíso and was opened in 2001 by Anne Hansen, who wanted to give poor children from the slum areas the opportunity to read books.

On the occasion of the launch of three new Danish children’s books in Spanish, Anne Hansen will read aloud from one of the books, and The Crown Princess will answer questions from the school children. Afterwards, The Crown Princess will hand out copies of the book to the school children.

Anne Hansen’s work in behalf of poor children in slum areas originally started as a donkey-drawn library in Valparaíso. With a cowbell and a donkey, Anne Hansen walked through the slum quarters, and when the children came out, she spread out a rug, sat down and read aloud from Scandinavian children’s books, which she herself had translated into Spanish. In 1997, Anne Hansen helped open the first children’s library in La Legua, a slum area in Chile’s capital, Santiago.

Today, approximately 20 volunteers from various countries are affiliated with the library.

Published March 12, 2013

  • Oskar K and Dorte Karrebæk: "Benni Båt" – in Spanish "Pedro Paff"
  • Kim Fupz Aakeson: "Engelbert H og den sidste chance". Illustrated by Per Dybvig – in Spanish "Angelson H y el ultimatum".
  • Kenneth Bøgh Andersen "Sisdæ sjanse". Illustrated by Mårdøn Smet – in Spanish "la ulhima obortunidat".

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