Inauguration of Arctic Command

<p>Isfjeld i Godthåbsfjorden.</p>

On Wednesday, 31 October 2012, HM The Queen inaugurates the Arctic Command in Greenland. The establishment of the Arctic Command is taking place as a result of the increased focus on the Arctic region

The newly created joint military Arctic Command becomes the defence’s operative headquarters in the Arctic region, which includes both Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. The headquarters are located in Nuuk with a smaller liaison unit in Tórshavn. In connection with the opening, the Greenland Command and the Faeroe Islands Command are shutting down. 

The inauguration ceremony takes place on 31 October at 10.30 in the Nuuk culture centre with participation by The Queen, the defence minister, the defence chief, the chief of the Arctic Command and others. In connection with the inauguration, the Arctic Command’s escutcheon will be unveiled, after which The Queen will get a tour of the command’s facilities.

In the evening, Her Majesty will take part in a banquet at Restaurant Nipisa in Nuuk.

The Arctic Command’s primary mission is to lead and co-ordinate deployment of the defence’s units in the North Atlantic and the Arctic. The project is a part of the implementation of the defence agreement for 2010-2014.

Published October 30, 2012

Program for the inauguration

Guests arrive.

The Queen arrives and is received by defence minister Nick Hækkerup and the defence chief, general Peter Bartram.

Defence chief welcomes guests.

Speeches by:
Chief of the Greenland Command, rear admiral Henrik Kudsk 
Defence minister 
The Queen declares the Arctic Command as inaugurated
Chief of the Arctic Command, major general Stig Ø. Nielsen
Representative of Naalakkersuisut (Greenland’s government), Prime Minister Kuupik Kleist


The Queen gets a tour of the Arctic Command. 

Banquet at Restaurant Nipisa.

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