Introduction of exchange programme for students and opening of architecture and design symposium


On the occasion of the 40th year jubilee of the Sydney Opera House, The Crown Prince Couple participates in the introduction of the exchange programme "MADE by the opera House" and the opening of the architecture and design symposium "Architecture makes the City" on Friday, 25 October.

In connection with the official introduction of the exchange programme "MADE by the opera House" and  the opening of the architecture and design symposium "Architecture makes the City", HRH The Crown Prince gives a speech in continuation of among others the Danish Minister for Culture Marianne Jelved. During the event, The Crown Prince Couple also meets the first five Australian students, who will participate in the exchange programme. 

"MADE by the opera House" is an interdisciplinary partnership for Danish and Australian architecture, engineering, and design students. In the coming ten years, 100 students will be given the opportunity to participate in the programme, which purpose is to encourage the international collaboration and the cultural connections. 

The architecture and design symposium "Architecture makes the City" is a one-day discussion fora, where Danish and Australian architects can discuss future challenges in relation to urban development and new architecture. 

The cultural campaign in Sidney involves several initiatives focusing on design and architecture. In addition to the above-mentioned initiatives, two Danish classes participate in a live-broadcast tour around the Opera House with an Australian guide as part of the education programme "Discover the House", which main purpose is to promote architecture on children's own terms. 

Published October 24, 2013

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