Launch of eSmart Digital Licence for children


During the visit in Sidney, The Crown Prince Couple attends the launch of the digital tool eSmart, which gives children and young people licence to use the internet safely.

The Crown Prince Couple visits Margaret Martin Library in Sidney to attend the official launch of the digital tool eSmart, Saturday, 26 October at 13:15 PM. Through a string of questions dealing with internet safety, the purpose of eSmart is to educate young users to use the internet in a responsible and safe way. During the visit, The Crown Prince Couple will meet parents and children testing eSmart. 

The organization behind eSmart is The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, which among others has the purpose to promote safe online behaviour and prevent online bullying. Additionally, the foundation aims to help children who have been exposed to violence or have experienced a sudden loss of a family member. 

As patron of the foundation The Crown Princess gives a speech at the launch. 

Published October 25, 2013

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