National Meeting of Bydelsmødrene


HRH Princess Marie will be present at a national meeting of Bydelsmødrene (“The Neighbourhood Mothers”) on Sunday, 6 October in Vejle.

The national meeting will be an inspirational gathering that deals with the Neighbourhood Mothers’ continuing work on integration of women with ethnic minority backgrounds. Princess Marie will attend the meeting, which took place for the first time in 2011. The women are members of Bydelsmødrenes Landsorganisation, which supports existing projects and, at the same time, spreads the social integration work to new neighbourhoods and towns.

The Neighbourhood Mothers are a nationwide network of women volunteers, most of whom have ethnic minority backgrounds. In their local areas, they help other women with ethnic backgrounds become better integrated into Danish society. The help can consist of information about healthy eating habits, child-rearing and Danish societal matters. Among other ways, the information is communicated at social events.

Bydelsmødrenes Landsorganisation, which currently totals 400 members of 41 different nationalities, conducts a training course about social integration.

Princess Marie arrives at the national meeting at 14.00.

Published October 4, 2013


Press officer Siliane Bjerre, e-mail: or tel: 42 20 28 42.

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