Opening of the Ejby Bunker

Operationsrummet i Ejbybunkeren.
Indgangspartiet ved Ejbybunkeren.

HRH The Crown Prince will preside over the official opening of Experience Centre Vestvolden – the Ejby Bunker today.

In 1954, the Ejby Bunker became the control centre for Copenhagen’s new air defences, which were set up to protect the capital against air attacks during the Cold War. The bunker was used for that function until 1980 and thereafter was used for various classified purposes. 

The Ejby Bunker has undergone a renovation in recent years and stands now as an experience and information centre. There, via digital and interactive installations, visitors can experience the Ejby Bunker’s history and play interactive games in, among other places, the control room, where the installations create the illusion of sitting in a control centre and monitoring the ring of defences.

The Crown Prince opens Experience Centre Vestvolden together with Environment Minister Ida Auken on Friday, 14 September at 13.00. During the opening, the Crown Prince and the environment minister will, among other things, cycle along Vestvolden and try out an interactive Cold War game in the bunker. 

The Ejby Bunker is the second experience centre opened in connection with a revitalisation of Copenhagen’s more recent fortifications. In 2010, the Trekroner (Three Crowns) sea fortress opened, and in spring 2013 Garderhøjfortet (the Garderhøj Fort) opens in co-operation with Experimentarium. 

Copenhagen’s more recent fortifications 
Copenhagen’s more recent fortifications consist of a number of forts, batteries and ramparts that form a protective ring around the capital. Most of them were built between 1885 and 1894 in reaction to Denmark’s defeat in the war with Germany in 1864. War-fighting technology overtook the fortifications, and they shut down as defence works after The First World War. Some installations were in use until just a few years ago, including the Ejby Bunker at Vestvolden, which the Danish Defence Intelligence Service vacated in 2004. 

Published September 14, 2012

Read more about the Ejby Bunker and Copenhagen’s fortifications on the website for Copenhagen’s Befæstning.

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