Patron of "School for 200 years"

H.K.H. Kronprinsessen, 2011

HRH The Crown Princess becomes the patron of the jubilee celebration “School for 200 Years”.

In 2014, Denmark celebrates the 200 year-old right and duty of Danish children to receive education. The Crown Princess, in her role as patron, will mark the jubilee of the schools’ 200th birthday in 2014. With the anniversary, the introduction of compulsory education for Danish schoolchildren will be celebrated with a number of national and local events and projects for children and adults. These projects count, among others, 40 large projects, including Lærer for Livet (Teacher for Life), which conveys the development of the teaching role over 200 years. In the course of the jubilee year, exhibitions, school theatre productions and nationwide school dances will take place.

In connection with her patronage, The Crown Princess says:

“For me, the school has an entirely special status. It is here we make the first friendships, we learn to read and we acquire specialized information and knowledge so we can pursue our dreams later in life. It is also in the school that the children can develop a strong feeling of community and become more able to cooperate. With school, a world of possibilities opens up.  I am pleased to participate in the festivities and meet lots of engaged and creative children and adults when we celebrate the schools’ 200th anniversary.”
The Minister for Children and Education, Christine Antorini, is the chairman of the school jubilee’s steering committee.

Published August 13, 2013

  • The jubilee celebration “School for 200 Years” rolls out through all of 2014 with local and national projects and events for both children and adults. “School for 200 Years” supports the local events, both through the jubilee’s council and local partners and via an already-started school history network of museums throughout the country. 
  • In addition to the local projects and events, there are preliminary plans for 40 large projects, which will be carried out with private funding. One of the first funded projects is Lærer for Livet (Teacher for Life). It is a three-pronged project that will look at teacher life and teacher roles throughout 200 years - as a travelling exhibition, through broadcast programmes on DK4 and with a nationwide gathering of the recollections and perspectives of school teachers. It is funded by the insurance company Lærerstandens Brandforsikring.
  • Among the jubilee events and activities, there will be exhibitions, sampling of school food on the streets, school theatre, school history books, concerts and much more. In regard to students, the plans include digital educational material, a number of illustrated books on children’s subjects and, in Week 41, a theme week with The Schools’ Motion Day and school dances as a festive conclusion and culmination of the jubilee for the students.

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