The Crown Princess on the Danish Heart Foundation's Charity Stamp

Kronprinsessen ved afsløringen af velgørenhedsfrimærket.
In her capacity as patron, H.R.H. The Crown Princess appears on this year’s charity stamp from The Danish Heart Foundation.

The charity stamp was unveiled Sunday, 10 June by The Crown Princess and the photographer behind the portrait, Steen Evald. The profit from the sale of the stamps goes entirely to the foundation’s top concerns. 

“Cardiovascular disease is one of the most frequent causes of death in Denmark. As patron of The Danish Heart Foundation, I hope that the annual charity stamp can help shed more light on this undesirable statistic. A statistic which must be addressed, and which requires that we, through research, obtain more knowledge about the cause and treatment of cardiovascular disease,” says The Crown Princess about the background for her patronage of The Danish Heart Foundation and the picture of her on this year’s charity stamp.

The charity stamp supports, among other things, research on cardiovascular disease among women. Cardiovascular disease affects women as frequently as it affects men, but as the statistics today show, men have a greater chance of survival.

The Crown Princess has been patron of The Danish Heart Foundation since 2005 and is also a lifetime board member of Crown Princess Mary’s Heart Fund, with supports research on cardiovascular disease among women.

Published June 11, 2012

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