The Crown Princess will be visiting Greenland

Kronprinsessen med Mary Fonden i Grønland i 2009

HRH The Crown Princess will be visiting Greenland together with Save The Children and the LEGO Foundation from 4 – 7 June to mark the joint effort against bullying.

The anti-bullying programme Kammagiitta – ”Free From Bullies” has now been launched in all of Greenland. From now on the Greenlandic children in day care and in school will work towards creating healthy communities where comfort, tolerance, respect, care and courage are the leading values. 
Tuesday 5 June
Pilot day care centre
10.00 am
The Crown Princess visits a pilot day care centre in Saqqag and watch the children demonstrate some of the Free From Bullies tools, e.g. the “children’s massage”. Subsequently, The Crown Princess will be given a guided tour of the day care centre and of the school. 
Dinner with minister Palle Christiansen
7.00 pm
The Crown Princess will participate in a dinner with minister Palle Christiansen, member of Naalaakersuisut, at Hotel Arctic. 
Wednesday 6 June
Jørgen Brøndlund School
9.00 am
The Crown Princess visits Jørgen Brøndlund School in Ilulissat and attends a “children’s meeting” between pedagogues and children.
The children’s relay
10.50 am
The Crown Princess jump-starts the children’s relay at Seminariet in Ilulissat and presents the first children, who cross the finishing line, with their medals. Entertainment provided by singer Anda Uldum.
Lunch with the headmaster of Seminariet
1.00 pm
The Crown Princess participates in a lunch with the headmaster of Seminariet, Nuka Kleeman.
The crisis centre in Ilulissat
2.45 pm
The Crown Princess visits the crisis center in Ilulissat and meets some of the residents.
Dinner with mayor Jess Svane
6.30 pm
The Crown Princess participates in a dinner with the mayor of Qaasuitsup Kommunia, Jess Svane, at Hotel Arctic.

Published June 4, 2012

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