The Mary Foundation supports women’s rights organization in Mozambique


HRH The Crown Princess’s foundation, The Mary Foundation, has chosen to support the organization Fórum Mulher in Mozambique with 250,000 Danish kroner.

The Crown Princess visited Mozambique in November together with development minister Christian Friis Bach and, on that occasion, the organization Fórum Mulher, which works to secure women’s rights.

Fórum Mulher is a non-profit umbrella organization, which through 20 years has worked for women’s rights and equality in Mozambique. The women in the country are at-risk and struggle with problems such as the lack of access to schooling and job opportunities, untreated illnesses, violence, sexual abuse and ostracism.

In connection with the donation, The Crown Princess says:
”It can be difficult when one lives in a country such as Denmark, where we for the most part take equality for granted, to comprehend the conditions women in Mozambique live in – that is a completely different and harsh reality. It is a long, tough struggle to create acceptance of and respect for women’s rights in the country. Fórum Mulher has fought for 20 years, and I was impressed by their work and results. They have the goal of bringing together the many involved organizations and giving them a strong voice, and that is what’s called for. It is my hope that this donation will strengthen the work for a better, more secure and equitable life for the many women in Mozambique”.

The donation constitutes The Mary Foundation’s annual donation for 2012 and is the fourth in the series of annual donations.

The Mary Foundation’s annual donation has previously given support to:
Orchid Project (50,000 kr.).
”Africa Now”-collection (200,000 kr.)
Maternity Worldwide, Ethiopia (250,000 kr.)
Danish Refugee Council, Uganda (250,000 kr.)

Published January 18, 2013

HRH The Crown Princess set up The Mary Foundation in 2007.  The foundation has as its goal to fight social isolation, promote tolerance and understanding of diversity, and create hope. 
The Mary Foundation identifies and carries into effect social projects within the focus areas of Bullying and Well-being, Violence in the Home, and Loneliness, often in partnership with organizations, foundations, experts and other parties. 
HRH The Crown Princess Mary is chairman of The Mary Foundation’s board of directors. The daily work of The Mary Foundation is handled by a secretariat with seven employees.  

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