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Today at 10.00, HRH The Crown Princess participates in the celebration of The Mary Foundation’s project Netwerk at Falkonergården Gymnasium in Frederiksberg.

Thursday 22 November, The Mary Foundation and the youth organization Ventilen will focus on loneliness among young people in upper secondary education programs together with students and teachers at Falkonergården Gymnasium. The occasion is the celebration of The Mary Foundation’s and Ventilen’s joint project, Netwerk, which is aimed at preventing loneliness in youth education programs. 

At the event, The Crown Princess will give a speech and attend a presentation by the gymnasium’s students, who will tell about their experiences from taking part in the project.  

Project Netwerk offers tools to youth education programs so that they can create better cohesion in their classes to avoid loneliness among new students and to keep anyone from feeling left out. With the project, the hope is to prepare teachers to see and make contact with quiet youths, to offer youth education programs tools for class discussions and to create partnership groups from the start of studies. 

Netwerk is The Mary Foundation’s first project within the focus area of Loneliness, which was launched in August 2012 at 17 selected gymnasiums – among them Falkonergården, where the celebration of Netwerk takes place today.  

Published November 22, 2012


The Mary Foundation’s goal is to prevent and remedy social isolation, promote tolerance and understanding of diversity, and create hope. Read more.  

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About Ventilen

Ventilen is a voluntary social youth organization that runs 17 local services for lonely young people, including meeting places and physical activities. 

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