The Royal Family is present at The Olympic Games in London

Den olympiske fakkelstav 2012 med de olympiske ringe i baggrunden.

The Royal Family will be present at different periods of time throughout The Olympic Games from 27 July to 12 August 2012 to watch the Danish athletes.

During the stay HM The Queen will host several receptions at The Royal Yacht Dannebrog for the Danish Olympic contestants as well as for British and Danish companies and cultural representatives. 

Furthermore, as a member of the International Olympic Committee, HRH The Crown Prince will participate in a number of different activities with the committee.

HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Consort will be present at the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium together with The Crown Prince Couple and HRH Princess Benedikte, while TRH Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will arrive in London at a later time. 

During The Olympic Games The Royal Family will stay at The Royal Yacht Dannebrog, which will be laying off the quay in London during the entire stay.  

Published July 12, 2012

Additional information about the royal family’s program is continuously published under News.

  • H.M. The Queen is present in the periods 27-28 July and 3-9 August. 
  • H.R.H. The Prince Consort is present in the period 26-31 July. 
  • H.R.H. The Crown Prince is present in the period 26 July – 14 August. 
  • H.R.H. The Crown Princess is present in the periods 27-29 July and 7-10 August.
  • T.R.H. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are present in the period 10-12 August.
  • H.R.H. Princess Benedikte is present in the period 27 July – 9 August. 


H.R.H. The Crown Prince participates as a member of the International Olympic Committee in The Olympic Games during the period of 23 July – 14 August. 

Friday, 27 July: 
H.R.H. The Prince Consort takes part in Visit Denmark’s opening of ”Imagination – Discover the Danish Spirit”, 11.00 hrs.
The Queen and The Prince Consort attend H.M. Queen Elizabeth’s reception on the occasion of the opening of The Olympic Games at Buckingham Palace, 17.15 hrs.

The Queen, The Prince Consort, the Crown Prince Couple and H.R.H. Princess Benedikte attend the opening of The Olympic Games, 21.00 hrs.

Saturday, 28 July:

The Queen and The Prince Consort host a reception for businesses on The Royal Yacht Dannebrog, 19.00 hrs.

Saturday 4 August:

H.M. The Queen, H.R.H. The Crown Prince and H.R.H. Princess Benedikte take part in the official Danish London 2012 reception held by the Sports Confederation of Denmark, Sport One Denmark and Team Denmark at the Natural History Museum, London, 19.00 hrs.

Sunday 5 August:
H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. Princess Benedikte participate in the service at St. Katharine’s, The Danish Church in London, 11.00 hrs.

Monday 6 August:
H.M. The Queen hosts a reception for British and Danish cultural figures and representatives of cultural institutions in Great Britain on The Royal Yacht Dannebrog, London, 18.00 hrs.

Tuesday 7 August:
H.M. The Queen on the occasion of The Olympic Games hosts a reception for Danish participants in the Olympics on The Royal Yacht Dannebrog, London, 17.00 hrs. 

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