Visit with soldiers stationed in Afghanistan

H.K.H. Prins Joachim instrueres i de danske soldaters minesøger i Camp Bastion.
<p>H.K.H. Prins Joachim, forsvarschef, general Peter Bartram, major Kenneth Nielsen.</p>

This week, Prince Joachim has paid a visit to soldiers sent to serve in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.

The Prince was invited visit the mission by the Defence Chief, General Peter Bartram, to learn about the conditions the Danish soldiers work under and the multifarious problems they resolve.

Late Monday evening, the delegation arrived at Helmand in southern Afghanistan. Tuesday and Wednesday, Prince Joachim and the general visited the Danish units in Camp Bastion, Camp Price and in Lashkar Gah. On Thursday, The Prince and the general participated in meetings with the ISAF mission’s top military leaders in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.

Prince Joachim and the defence chief met with soldiers in Camp Bastion, where the Danish contingent has its headquarters. In Camp Bastion, The Prince and the defence chief also got the opportunity to see the British field hospital where a surgical team from the Defence is currently stationed.
There was also a visit with service members of the Frogman Corps and the Commando Corps, which together form the unit “Task Force 7”. The special operations forces featured a display of equipment and a briefing about the progress of the Afghan special police unit, which they are training and mentoring.
In Camp Price, The Prince and the defence chief met the Danish combat soldiers, engineers and sanitation personnel. The combat soldiers from the infantry company will be withdrawn and return home as part of a reorganization of Danish efforts in the fall, but Danish tanks will remain deployed in Helmand until mid-2014.

Prince Joachim and the defence chief land back in Denmark today, Friday.

Published May 31, 2013

“I am deeply impressed by the efforts that Danish soldiers make here in Afghanistan. Overall, where I have been, I have met Danes who take pride in contributing a professional and dedicated effort. 
Everyone does that exceptionally – individuals as well as units, and in co-operation with other nations’ efforts. I am proud of what we, as the Danish military, contribute to this task resolution.”

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