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The Royal Household

The Royal Households are in charge of the daily and general administration of the Royal Family. Today approximately 130 persons are employed in the different departments of the administration. 

HM The Queen of Denmark's Household

The Lord Chamberlain’s Office
The Lord Chamberlain’s office is the secretariat for The Queen. The office is in charge of all the arrangements for official functions, such as state visits at home and abroad, dinners and luncheons, and court ceremonies, including presentation of credentials by ambassadors as well as their farewell audiences. 

The Lord Chamberlain
The Lord Chamberlain is Chief Administrative Officer of the Royal Household.

The Master of Ceremonies
The Master of Ceremonies organises state visits and official parties. 

The Communications Office
The Communications and Press Secretary is reponsible for communication and media relations. As part of this function, the office supervises the production of the annual report and the editing of the Royal House’s website. 

The Office of Treasury
The Office of the Treasury is managed by the Treasurer of the Royal Household. He is responsible for overall budgeting, accounts for the Civil List and administration of the royal foundations. The Treasurer is also the Human Resource Manager and is responsible for all the Monarch’s palaces and properties, IT, security and the Royal Warrants. 

The Master of the Household’s Department
The Master of the Household’s Department is responsible for a wide range of functions, including valet service, food and drink service at functions, travel and luggage arrangements, driving, management of wine cellars, cooking and housekeeping. Coordinated by the Master of the Household, the department is divided into branches managed by two Chasseurs, the Chef de Cuisine and the Matron of the Household.  

The Royal Mews
The Royal Mews oversees ceremonial coaches, vehicles and horses. The horses are used for pulling coaches and for the Royal Family’s pleasure and leisure riding. The Royal Mews is in charge of all ceremonial driving. 

Craft Section
The Master Craftsman is responsible for the functions of the Household Workship. Its personnel include cabinet makers, a painter, a decorator and a dressmaker. The Household Workshop is also at the disposal of external craftsmen hired to perform specific conservation and preservation services. 

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