Christian VII’s Palace

Christian VII’s Palace has previously belonged to the Lord High Steward AG Moltke. Today the palace is HM The Queen's representative palace

Christian VII's Palæ, Amalienborg
Galleriet, Christian VII's Palæ
Christian VII’s Palace, or Moltke’s Palace, was erected in the years 1750-54 for the Lord High Steward A. G. Moltke. When the Royal Family became homeless after the fire of Christiansborg in 1794, Christian VII bought the palace.

After Christian VII’s death in 1808, Frederik VI used the palace for his Royal Household. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs used parts of the palace in the years 1852-85. From 1885, the palace was used exclusively to accommodate guests  and for ceremonial purposes.

However, for short periods of time, the palace housed Crown Prince Frederik (IX) and Crown Princess Ingrid as well as Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik during the restoration of their respective palaces.
From 1971-75, the palace also housed a small kindergarten for Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, and a classroom was set up there for them later on. 

In 1982, Agency for for Palaces and Cultural Properties started an exterior restoration of the palace. From 1993-96, the agency carried out a general restoration of the interior with the support of a number of private sponsors.

Christian VII’s Palace is occasionally open to the general public. Visit the homepage for Agency for for Palaces and Cultural Properties.

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