The Royal Flags


The Royal Flags

The Royal Flags are the swallow-tailed Dannebrog with special insignias in the middle. The royal flagsmark the presence of a royal person.

The Royal Flag has the Royal Coat of Arms in the middle and is reserved for HM the Queen.
It has existed since 1731.

The Flag of the Heir to the Throne bears the Danish state coat of arms encircled by the collar
of the Order of the Elephant. It was introduced in 1914.

The Flag of HRH The Prince Consort has the Prince Consort’s coat of arms in the middle. 

The Flag of the Regent bears the regal symbols: the royal crown, the sceptre, the orb, and a sword. 
It was introduced in 1914.

The Flag of the Royal House has the crown in the centre and is used by other members of
the Royal Family.

The Flag of the Lord Chamberlain’s Office displays the crowned monogram of HM The
Queen in a wreath of laurels. The flag was introduced ca. 1983 and is flown on official flag days.

The swallow-tailed Dannebrog is primarily reserved for the Royal House and the State.

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